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My Mission:

Positive Impact Bookkeeping

What I do:

Align bookkeeping and company purpose.

Make sustainability the priority.

Shelly Robbins has been putting sustainability into practice for over 25 years, starting their own company founded on providing a flexible workforce back in 1999 (“Robbins’ business takes off”), spreading their message of "success through sustainability", and through their unique style of peer-led professional support groups.

After 10 years of running their accounting technology company, Shelly launched the QuickSource peer support groups. These groups bring professionals together to share laughs, tips, advice and sometimes clients​. Shelly has helped business owners to sustainably grow their own ​companies, with the support of peers along the way. ​It's that philosophy of “specialization through collaboration” that has made Shelly, and QuickSource, a leader and a model in peer mentoring and support for accounting technology professionals.

​Over years of facilitating and building these groups, teaching, training, and leading dozens of seminars, Shelly has trained hundreds of bookkeepers and accounting managers and has taught accounting and accounting software as a speaker for conferences such as XeroCon, Scaling New Heights, and SleeterCon, and for companies such as Finagraph and Xero. Shelly published articles include “How to Form an Accountant's Meetup Group in Your Area” and “ Why Joining Peer Groups Pays Off For CPAs.

Shelly believes sustainability accounting will change the way small businesses define success, and through the professional peer groups they facilitate, Shelly teaches the core principles to bookkeepers and accounting professional. And through free online peer groups where small business owners support each other in implementing and practicing sustainable business practices, Shelly helps many others put sustainability into action.

success through sustainability

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