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QuickSource Peer Groups for

Accounting Technology Professionals

We offer

  • Slack Community

    Daily discussions, updates on software, troubleshooting and problem-solving

  • Leads

    We typically have more client leads than we can fill. Expect to get at least 2 new client each year from the group.

  • Monthly Zooms

    Essential product and service demos for your accounting technology business. These demos are not just for entertainment - we hold each other accountable to set goals and incorporate what we learned into our business.

  • Private Library

    Catch up on software interviews, manage dues, and see what's coming up on the Calendar.

Join up with the nicest people in the accounting technology industry. $229/year

No products available



In our groups we set aside time for professional growth, building life-long friendships. By proceeding, you are agreeing to the following:Be honest with ourselves and each other

  • Be kind to ourselves and each other

  • Never send “spam” or use misleading metadata

  • Never collect personal information about others without their authorization

  • Retain confidentiality at all times

  • Use our resources to engage in lawful activity only

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